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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Welcome to our site #lovebirds! I am Christy Achen a wife, sister, and epic foodie. To be clear though, my end game is being your number one stellar wedding planner.

I want to start with the history and creation of our the unique name for our company. Cosmic Connection Weddings & Events derived from a true love story that is very much so, an actual cosmic connection. When my husband and I first started dating we both shared a love for astronomy. While we walked through the constellations of dating the first was a hike down a romantic trail under the stars. The very first time we kissed we walked to an empty field with very comfy blanket and a telescope, to visit my favorite planet Saturn. Hand in hand we met the starry night sky again, and that's when I knew our connection was written in the stars. So when it became time for us to come up with the name for our business I knew exactly what I wanted, a ode' to our love.

What sets me apart from the rest? I aim to craft every single wedding and event to their love and take your special day beyond the cosmos. I started in the catering world and found myself transitioning into banquets. I have had the opportunity to work with Wendy Krispin, Wolfgang Puck, and and some of the most talented and creative people in this industry. I found my passion for wedding planning and event management while in these positions. Soon enough I started assisting other wonderful wedding planners with the some of the most stellar events. I still do assist other planners to this day when I do not have a wonderful wedding with Cosmic Connection Weddings & Events. I believe strongly in the phrase "Community over Competition" as well as empowerment of others. Knowledge is the key to success and you should never stop learning and I do with every wedding and every event.

My primary focus is being a full time wedding planner and event manager. Everyday I wake up happy knowing that I am not working, but that I am doing what I love. My passion also comes from seeing the love come alive, in fact my favorite moment at every wedding is taking a step back and watching two stars collide on the dance floor for their first dance and I know I have done something that is right within my heart.
**Disclaimer: During these moments I may or may not have a dry eye**

My goal is to thrive and grow more and more each day so I can give back to causes which have been important to me throughout the course of my entire life. I strive to donate a percentage of the proceeds from Cosmic Connection Wedding & Events to raise funds for The American Lung Association and research for mental health and awareness. 

My husband and I want to create something positive so in the future our children and family will have something inspirational to look at as an example that anyone can reach their dreams.

I want to thank all of our #Lovebirds for supporting us, without you we could not do this.

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